Are you getting the best deal on your day-to-day lab supplies?  Can you be sure?  Have you ever been caught short and had to order more supplies in overnight and found it difficult source?  Do you feel you are getting the right level of service from your regular supplier, even if you have had to change a standing order at late notice or asked for deliveries to be brought forward?  Are they fully flexible when you need to amend? 

Why not speak to us to see whether we can help?  We will work with you to find a regular order that suits your needs at the best possible price.  Plus, we recognise that things change, and with just a little notice, you will be able to change your order as you go along.

With budgets for the next financial year currently being set in place, you have little to lose in making sure you get the best possible standing orders in place.  It will assure your supply, minimise costs, cut down on your admin and give you the flexibility and reliability you need.

We know that peace of mind is invaluable, and we want to work with your particular laboratory needs in order, ultimately, to help you to run the most efficient laboratory.