What is H&E Staining?

H&E staining, also known as Hematoxylin and Eosin staining, is a commonly used staining technique in histology and pathology. The stains and protocol used provide a detailed picture of the microanatomy of organs and tissues. When it is properly performed it has the ability to demonstrate a wide range of normal and abnormal cell and […]

Ergotec Project: North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust

Solmedia partnered with North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust, Roche and P+HS Architects to equip the new Tee Valley histology laboratory with multiple workstations that will maximise the benefits of the laboratory environment.   Where It All Began During the IBMS Congress at the ICC Birmingham in March 2022, Solmedia in partnership with Slee […]

Cancer Prevention Action Week 19th – 25th February

Cancer Prevention Action Week is 19th – 25th February. The week focuses on supporting and empowering the public to make changes to their daily habits and their families to reduce their risk of preventable cancers. According to the World Cancer Research Fund ‘experts believe that up to 40% of cancer cases are preventable, if people don’t […]

Safety First – SafeTread

Solmedia SafeTread Mats are uniquely designed with a PVC looped surface that effectively catches paraffin wax and dirt and debris from footwear and then tucks it away to prevent any slip hazards. Its vinyl backing allows for minimum movement whilst it’s surrounding edging prevents any curling or lifting enabling you to move around the laboratory […]

Safety First – Vaportest

Vaportest Badges are Solmedia’s range of air monitoring badges, that test for either Formaldehyde, Xylene, Ethylene Oxide and THG, MIBK and MEK.  The badges are designed to be easy to attach, lightweight and can be worn on your lab coat during your shift. They are made from a plastic housing that contains a permeable, absorbent […]

Solmedia Turns 90!

This year Solmedia are celebrating their 90th Anniversary! We have proudly supplied the highest-quality laboratory products and equipment to pathology laboratories since 1934. Through continuous development and relationship building with our customers, suppliers and partners over the last 90 years, we have successfully expanded our product portfolio to provide the most reliable products and equipment […]

Tissue Marking Dyes – How Do They Work?

Tissue Marking Dyes are permanent inks used to mark orientations or surfaces of tissue specimens submitted for histopathology. This allows histopathologists to maintain proper orientation when examining the specimen under the microscope. How do they work? Tissue marking dyes have cationic (positively) charged properties, which are attracted to the negatively charged, anionic tissue components forming […]

Safety First – DispoJars

DispoJars are UK’s best-selling medical waste disposal containers and are most commonly used for waste disposal in pathology laboratories. Their durable plastic containment, and transparent appearance allows for correct waste management whilst their air-tight seal and ability to autoclave ensures the disposal of medical waste is safe. Here are all the reasons why DispoJars make […]