Wax melting is a high-risk part of the histology process. Whilst the tissue processor will take care of the wax infiltration of the sample, the embedding process requires plenty of high-quality wax, at the perfect temperature.

Modern embedding centres often have reservoirs for heated wax – but how do you make the molten wax in the first place, with accuracy, control and safety in mind?

Our wax ovens are designed for this very purpose. With a sealed stainless-steel chamber and a special drip tray to prevent leaks (even when a spillage occurs) they are also calibrated to provide the ideal temperature to melt a variety of different wax compounds as a result of their finely tuned digital temperature controller. To make sure that things run as smoothly as possible, they have timers, safety thermostats, fitted shelf runners and removable chrome plated steel wire shelves. Recommended for use with Solmedia’s Polywax, and a 2-litre stainless-steel measuring jug they are able to melt wax in a matter of minutes to the ideal embedding temperature. In addition, the ovens are fully insulated (to maintain optimum heat) and their doors are fitted with a silicone seal to make doubly sure the correct temperature is maintained.

We have a full range available in a number of different sizes, from 30 litres through to 120L. Why not call us for more information? You will find that whichever oven you choose, it will make the perfect partner for any histology lab.