As we enter the ‘second wave’ of coronavirus, and the latest strategy to tackle the surge in Covid-19 cases is now in place; we are made to reflect and compare the experiences and effects of Spring 2020. What we can all relate to as a Nationas well as on a global scale, is the impact Covid-19 has had on us all this year. 

Thursday nights were spent in our gardens or hanging out of windows to clap the NHS and key workers. We showed gratitude to those who are on the front-line day in, day outfacing this virus in order to work and save lives.  The majority of our customers at Solmedia are Doctors and Nurses who are continuing to put their lives on the lines in order to save and protect people from this virus.  

However, let us not forget those who have helped enable them to do so. We wanted to reach out to all the children who helped their mummy or daddy to do their job and thank them. All of you are Tiny Heroes. This might be by being big and brave and attending school in the Spring and Summer, whilst your friends are at home, so your parents can go to work. This may be by doing the opposite and staying home, not seeing friends so that you can keep safe and avoid spreading of the virus. Missing out on opportunities and exams has played a big part in children attending secondary schools, colleges and universities. This has also been a big sacrifice to children and young adults but has contributed towards helping the nation and key works to do their job to the best of their ability whilst at their fullest capacity.  

As a result of the virus, children have utilised their time being taught new skills that that perhaps they wouldn’t have learnt in normal circumstances. Therefore, we want to thank all the Tiny Heroes that have played their part and is still continuing to do so.