The London Clinic invest in SLEE Cryostat


The London Clinic is renowned for its excellence in medical care, situated in the heart of London. Their team of experts work with world-class resources to deliver unique patient experience and the highest standards of care and have done for nearly 100 years. The London Clinic has been our customer for over 60 years, working alongside their Pathology laboratories, successfully sourcing and supplying high-quality products and equipment to enable them to maintain their exceptional patient care.


“The London Clinic hospital offers patients cutting-edge innovation in healthcare, continually reinvesting in technology and facilities to provide advanced personalised patient care, like robotic surgery and ground-breaking cancer therapies.” 


In March 2022, we exhibited at the IBMS Congress in Birmingham, where we were greeted by the familiar faces of the Histopathology department at The London Clinic. Whilst their team were immersed in the latest innovations and technologies the show had to offer, we were presenting our UK-exclusive histology equipment with our partners SLEE medical GmbH. As regular attendees of this event, The IBMS Congress grants us the opportunity to showcase our company to potential new customers and meet existing customers face to face.

During the show, we had the pleasure of meeting Priya Taggar and Zilna Gosrani from The London Clinic, where conversations presented opportunities where we could help develop their department within their Mohs laboratory (Mohs micrographic laboratory). Priya and Zilna expressed their desire to upgrade their Cryostat to improve the speed and quality of results and open up more opportunities for their department. This was a perfect moment to introduce to them our Fully-automatic and Semi-automatic Cryostats, manufactured by SLEE.


“SLEE medical GmbH, were the originating founder of the Cryostat back in 1954, a pivotal revolution in medical history. Due to this remarkable innovation, it was possible to create high-quality, thin tissue sections from fresh tissue samples. Thus, enabling thin sections of various tissues to be produced extremely quickly and precisely ever since, subsequently improving diagnosis management and patient treatment.”


Going The Extra 503 Miles

To help with their decision-making process, we invited members of The London Clinic team to Germany to visit the new state-of-the-art SLEE manufacturing facility, which recently opened in 2021. The visit enabled the team to truly understand the high level of expertise and precision engineering that goes into manufacturing all of the SLEE histology equipment, specifically the SLEE MEV and MNT Cryostats.


In addition, it allowed them the ability to experience the quality of the instruments for themselves. In June 2022, we flew Priya and Zilna, accompanied by technical service manager Darren Sheridan, out to visit SLEE medical GmbH’s newly built manufacturing facilities in Nieder-Olm, Germany.

Here, our customers were able to witness the attention to detail that goes into manufacturing SLEE’s equipment, including the time, effort, and level of accuracy that is invested into each machine. SLEE demonstrated the comprehensive testing the equipment endures before they enter the market or is delivered to customers, ensuring there are no faults and preventing any downtime in the lab.


Making The Cut

It was crucial that The London Clinic were given, detailed information and hands-on experience to support them in their decision-making process, finally opting to invest in the SLEE MEV+ Semi-Automatic Cryostat.

With this new machine, Mohs diagnostic service hope to deliver faster diagnosis to their patients and process higher volumes of skin samples more accurately to enhance personal treatment. The MEV+ promises consistency allowing The London Clinic to maintain their high standards of care. Whilst our dedicated services and maintenance department will work closely to support the team and maintain the equipment, extending its lifespan and helping deliver the high-quality results they require.



“We were delighted to be given the opportunity by the Solmedia team to visit the SLEE manufacturing facilities in Germany and to be able to have hands on experience of using the Cryostat. The SLEE cryostat met all our expectations and specification of what we were looking for as a replacement to our current model, which will enhance and support our Mohs diagnostic service.

We have felt very supported by the Solmedia team from the very start of our journey from our visit to IBMS Congress and starting off our enquiry, right up until the point of delivery and installation of our new cryostat. Thank you Solmedia and SLEE for making this a wonderful purchasing experience.”   – Priya Taggar, Chief Biomedical Scientist, The London Clinic


Why Solmedia

It is important to us as an organisation that our customers are happy with the standards of our equipment and feel confident when using them. Having worked closely with The London Clinic for more than 60 years and formed a trusted relationship with teams within Pathology, we know the quality that needs to be met by our products for them to be able to deliver outstanding results. That is why we knew that the quality of SLEE’s equipment would complement The London Clinic and be the solution to their histology lab requirements.

Following the installation of any SLEE Equipment, from our histology equipment range, we offer a premium equipment servicing and maintenance package to be carried out by our in-house team of engineers. This service ensures all of the equipment we supply continuously performs to the highest standards, thus, allowing our customers to optimise output whilst preventing the loss of valuable time caused by equipment issues. The in-house service is unique to us and promises a fast service, including parts, reliable communication and remote technical support when required.