Solmedia Support University Histology Facility Laboratories

Earlier this month Solmedia sponsored the Histology Facility Managers Meeting for universities in the north of the country. Our regional account managers joined University Histology Facility Managers, at Manchester University for the annual Histology Facility Managers Meeting. The two-day event brought together the likes of The University of Liverpool, The University of Aberdeen, The University of Birmingham, The University of Sheffield and more, to present and discuss major topics that influence the research pipeline.

University histology facilities underpin the research activities of a large number of both basic and translational research groups. University histology facilities play a critical role in supporting research and teaching in biological and medical sciences. These facilities provide a range of services and expertise related to the preparation, processing, and analysis of tissue samples for oncology research and samples for other life sciences. Services include everything from fixation, processing and microtomy to cryotomy, special staining and microscopy.

The annual meeting opened up the floor to conversations and topics such as sample management and (LIM) databases, specialised techniques and how to integrate them, new and emerging technologies.

Latest Equipment in Pathology

At Solmedia we are passionate about innovation and our drive to improve laboratory performance and results allows us to help our customers meet the ever-increasing demands of the industry. Our proactive research & development programme ensures we regularly release new and improved products into the market. Likewise, university Histology laboratories continually renew and invest in their equipment to offer latest systems and equipment and most appropriate techniques to students, researchers from other universities and industrial research partners. The laboratory products and equipment introduced through our R&D programme allow histology facilities to comfortably adapt to the evolution of processes and techniques, especially at a time when diagnosis and research are rapidly progressing into the digital world.

Equipment Servicing and Maintenance

We not only offer an impressive portfolio of high-quality laboratory equipment. To accompany, we also provide premium service and maintenance packages to ensure your equipment continues to perform to the highest standards. We have a UK-based team of specialised technical engineers on hand to carry out careful, thorough servicing and maintenance of your equipment including responding to issues and callouts within 24 hours and providing remote support. Thus, enabling facilities to optimise output, focusing on providing histology services and teaching techniques, whilst preventing you from the loss of valuable time caused by damaged or faulty equipment.


Equipment Training

Our Solmedia Academy programme offers one-to-one and group equipment training on our range of equipment. We build strong and reliable relationships with our manufacturing partners, working closely with all departments and visiting their manufacturing facilities all over the world, to design and create unique training programmes for each individual piece of equipment we supply. The programmes involve equipment demonstrations and training, supportive training documents, ongoing remote support and an accredited certificate. Solmedia Academy is designed to educate users, allowing them to get a deeper understanding of the equipment’s functionality and purpose so that they get the most out of their equipment. The Academy is a great programme that supports histology facility laboratories in providing training and teaching services to students and third-party users.

To find out more about Solmedia can support your university histology facility call us on +44 (0) 844 8080 900 and speak to a member of our dedicated team.