Solmedia brings a NEW microtome to the UK market 

Solmedia brings new elite, precision microtomes to the UK for the first time, as part of their new partnership with SLEE medical GmbH 

Solmedia are excited to introduce their brandnew CUT Series range, bringing microtomes of the highest calibre to hospitals and labs throughout the UK. The CUT Series microtomes are traditional German engineered with the user in mind, and bring a new sense of accuracy and precision to the market.  

The CUT Series offers a revolutionary ergonomic design, comfortable usability, and trusted reliability. The range will be exclusive to Solmedia in the UK and will contribute to the development of their histology rangeallowing them to respond to larger requirements as a full supply solution.  


Used around the world 

Already established in thousands of laboratories in Europe and across the world; the CUT Series enters the UK with advances and features like no other microtome before.  

The CUT microtomes are available with either manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic functionality and have been specifically designed to guarantee a positive experience for every user. The smooth operations, vibration resistance and specimen retraction of the microtomes; all contribute to delivering consistent high-precision and accurate sectioning every time. 


What makes up the innovative new microtome range?  

The CUT 4062 Manual Rotatory Microtome is the evolution of traditional manual microtomes, ideal for routine and research. It is the smallest machine of the Series, ensuring it is a best fit in all labs. Its manual functionality allows for greater control on sectioning with a smooth-running handle and interchangeable direction coarse feed wheel.  

The CUT 4062 offers incomparable safety measures, with a lockable handwheel that can be locked in any position, as well as finger protection system on the blade holder. The manual rotary microtome remains a strong contender against the modern automated machines and incorporates advanced features such as adjustable thicknesses control and section counter. 


Alternatively, Solmedia will be supplying fully-automatic rotatory microtome, the CUT 6062. A microtome that successfully embraces technology advancements, whilst maintaining easy usability to fit the purpose of quicker tissue processing 

With fully motorised advance and sectioning, the CUT 6062 has 7 different operation modes that allows the users to change the cutting, thickness, movement of the block holder and the speed, all through a centralised control panel. Thus, enabling precise cutting and controlled micro movements, for the perfect positiofor ribboning and trimming. Supporting Solmedia’s ethos to improve efficiency in laboratories, The CUT 6062 guarantees processing without any interruptions; with its two specimen feed memory positionas well as it’s vibration free base plate. 


Completing the CUT Series, the CUT 5062 is a great combination of innovation, ergonomics and traditional, manual operations. The Semi-Automatic Microtome offers manual sectioning improved by a motorised specimen feed and motorised trimming of up to 750μm. The enhanced automated technology maximises section quality and productivity; whilst retaining all essential features of a manual microtome. Meeting the needs of the UK market, the fully-automatic and semi-automatic microtomes have both been designed with a rocking mode feature, for controlled trimming.  

The CUT 5062 is the ideal solution for users who enjoy the simplicity of a manual microtome but seek the enhancement and opportunities technology can bring to the developments in research. 


Why the CUT Series 

The outstanding engineering behind Solmedia’s new microtomes is unparalleled and will revolutionise the way in which scientists study tissue and adapt to the requirement of modern labs.  

With little maintenance required during intense use, the CUT Series microtomes oozeefficiency and durability, meaning research or analysis can be carried out without any interruptions. They cleverly compete with existing marketleading microtomes to assure a simple switch, however are distinctively unmatched in quality and high specifications. 

The complete CUT microtome range are the best well-rounded product for any laboratory that has undergone extensive research and development to ensure they meet the needs of all different user requirements.  

For more information, speak to the specialised team at Solmedia on +44 (0)844 8080 900 or email