Slee equipment service training at manufacturing facilities in Germany

This month, our Technical Service Engineering team flew out to Germany to Slee’s Manufacturing facilities to attend a 5-day equipment training course.

Mr. Hans-Peter Koenen, Mr. Joshua Dapper, from Slee’s Service department and Mr. Bernhard Neef Slee’s scientific advisor led the team through the training schedule that covered the entire range of Slee Histology Equipment.

The introduction was followed by hands-on training, with every machine and valuable insights, tips and tricks were shared with the team, consolidating their knowledge.

At Solmedia our technical engineers must provide outstanding service and knowledge across the entire range of pathology equipment we supply. Therefore, it is pivotal that we maintain strong relationships with our manufacturing partners. This includes attending regular training programmes to ensure that our team remain up-to-date on the latest processes and techniques within the industry and up to speed on any equipment upgrades or learning of new equipment as soon as they are introduced. Visiting our different manufacturers’ facilities worldwide also allows us to get a deeper understanding of the equipment and how it functions, witnessing them being made and speaking with experts whilst we are there. This helps our team deliver thorough service and maintenance checks and fix any problem should they occur, quickly and seamlessly.