Esco Ascent™ Max – B Series Ductless Fume Hood, Standard 1.2m

Esco Ascent™ Max (ADC) Ductless Fume Hood utilizes a carbon filtration system to remove toxic chemical fumes and recycle clean air back to the laboratory. This airflow principle provides operator and environment protection.

Ductless fume hoods are becoming a viable alternative to ducted fume hoods as no extraction systems are required, and its plug-and-play feature prevents any downtime in the laboratory. Esco ductless fume hoods also offer energy savings, convenience, and mobility.

Esco Ascent™ Max-B Series (ADC-B) is the standard ductless fume hood model. This unit is equipped with a main carbon filter and is used for general applications such as dilution, mixing, buffer preparation, etc.

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