Niftilids are a diverse, strong and durable storage container that are made up of white Polypropylene stackable buckets with airtight lids; that are easy to place on and remove for multiple re-use. Niftilids are available in a variance of sizes and multiple different coloured lids, allowing you to categorise and colour code storage and contents.

  • Top quality specimen containers made from opaque polypropylene.
  • Leak-proof lids to meet coshh regulations.
  • Lids easy to use and usable time after time.
  • Colour coded lids available.
  • British made.




Smaller size containers are available for smaller specimen samplesThe smaller volume capacity means that low volume quantities can be stored efficiently without wasting space. The smaller size also makes Niftilids an ideal container for storage and stacking. 


Niftilids are available in large container sizes for higher volume contents. Containers come with a strong handle for easy transportation and available in sizes from 1.8 L to 25 L. Larger containers have a variety of 5 different coloured lids that fit all sizes to categorise content. 


Spare Lids can be supplied separately and are available to fit all size containers. With a ‘snap’ effect when sealing the container, it ensures the user that the seal is airtight and no risk of leaking. The Lids are available in 5 different colours, Green, Blue, Red, White and Yellow for categorising content.  


Niftilids are top quality specimen container, made in Britain, that provides efficiency, safety and sustainability in your laboratory.  

The durable container is leak proof to meet COSHH Regulations resulting in reduced risk of cross contamination. The easy to use lids and Polypropylene material means the containers can be washed and re used for multiple different purposes improving sustainability with in your work place.