Meet The Team – Tyran Wallach

Tyran Wallach, Procurement Assistant

We asked Tyran some questions to give you an insight into who Tyran is and his role at Solmedia, read his answers below to find out more.

Who is Tyran Wallach?

“As a member of the family, I have watched Solmedia grow over the years, and am now excited to be a part of it. I would consider myself an energetic, self-motivated individual, who has a passion for business. I believe that a target isn’t a target, if its not a challenge – this gives me the drive to push myself in order to see results and help the business grow.”


What is your Role at Solmedia?

“My role at Solmedia is Procurement Assistant. My primary responsibility is to manage the day-to-day purchasing activities of the business, ensuring they run both smoothly and effectively. This involves working closely with suppliers, and internal departments alike, to ensure customers are receiving the goods they need, when they need.”


What do you enjoy most about your role at Solmedia?

“I enjoy working with suppliers to build good quality, long-lasting relationships. The actions I take have a direct impact on both the efficiency of operations and the profits of the business, leading to a challenging, yet rewarding role.”


What do you do outside of work?

“I enjoy exploring the outdoors – hiking, kayaking, fishing and swimming are my go-to’s.”


Lastly, a fun fact about Tyran?

“I practically live off Espresso’s.”