Meet The Team – Oro Simpson

Oro Simpson, Regional Account Manager

We asked Oro some questions to give you an insight into who Oro is and his role at Solmedia, read his answers below to find out more.


Who is Oro Simpson?

“I am a Welshman, born and bred! Which also means I have a huge love for sports, especially cricket!  As a person, I enjoy problem-solving and thrive off finding a solution for even the most impossible of problems. This passion is definitely carried through to my work and I really enjoy being able to solve problems for my customers.”

What is your Role at Solmedia?

“I am the newest member of the Solmedia team. I’m a Regional Account Manager responsible for managing customer accounts located; in Wales, Scotland and Southern England. I provide customers with quick responses to their enquiries, ensuring they receive all the required details to make a decision.”

What do you enjoy most about working at Solmedia?

“I’m someone who is very intrigued by science and enjoy working for a company that works along side people and organisations in medical science. I enjoy knowing that my role helps contribute towards supporting these amazing people who are working to advance medical diagnostic and patient treatment.”

What do you do outside of work?

“Whatever the weather I enjoy many sports and would say I have an extreme love for Cricket, whether that be playing it or watching it.”

A fun fact about Oro? 

“I am very superstitious”


Contact Oro by emailing or call on +44(0) 844 8080 900.