Meet The Team – Elizabeth Hobbs

Elizabeth Hobbs, Office Administrator

We asked Elizabeth some questions to give you an insight into who Liz is and her role at Solmedia, read her answers below to find out more.


Who is Elizabeth Hobbs?

“I consider myself to be hard-working and helpful person. I have 47 years’ experience in administrative roles and with that experience I have adopted the responsibility of being someone who people can look up to for support.”

What is your Role at Solmedia?

“I work across a lot of areas within Solmedia, supporting multiple departments to ensure efficiency, accuracy and consistency. No two day is the same for me. I am responsible for maintaining product data sheets and supporting the accounts department ensuring invoices and payment details are correct for a seamless, stress-free transaction for customers.”

What do you enjoy most about working at Solmedia?

“What I enjoy most about Solmedia is the variety of work I do day to day, supporting each department within my role and collectively working as a team to deliver great products and service to people working in the medical industry.”

What do you do outside of work?

“In my life outside of work I enjoy spending time helping the community. And when I am not socialising or entertaining, I love baking and exploring new recipes.”

A fun fact about Elizabeth? 

“I started work at 15 with a company in Stockport, then about 12 years later the business was acquired by ‘Solmedia’.  Now 47 years later, where do I find myself, in a new location working for Solmedia again. It is funny how life can do a full circle.”