LIM systems have transformed pathology labs by streamlining the processes that allow large volumes of data to be accurately and securely stored and used.  However, a LIM system is only ever as effective as the weakest link in the chain of data – and in our experience, that is very often found at the point of slide identification. 

Every pathology lab knows that sample retention and identification is at the core of a smooth running and efficient laboratory.  Samples are often irreplaceable and diagnoses mean nothing without attribution, which is why the accurate labelling of slides is so important.

However, it is also true that all laboratories have their own ways of doing things.  The script used on slides needs to allow technicians to recognise the origin and destination of each slide, and how it fits into the lab’s processes.  For this, data matrix codes remain insufficient, as most labs will be frustrated at having to repeatedly scan in order to unravel the code.  This is where the Itineris comes into its own, as coding is only part of the story.  It is also able to provide a wealth of further information, from a technician’s ID to important patient information (whatever you need) – and lots in between.  With an interface that allows you to customise how the print appears, with plenty of options to squeeze as much comprehensible information as possible, as well as the data matrix, you will find the flexibility that delivers real choice.

Plus, adding what you need couldn’t be simpler with the user-friendly computer interface.  This can either link up to an existing computer, or operate from a dedicated screen.  Either way, it’s never been easier to set the printer to operate as you would like and receive ‘on demand’ slides set by each operator – whether your lab is big or small.  In addition, the thermal transfer printing ensures the quality and legibility is second to none.

Talk to us too about the additional extras to make your lab life even easier, including the Extended Outlet Station (or hopper) option which receives the printed slides in perfect order for onward processing.  In addition, to make your budget go further, the Itineris is very economical to run, with one of the most cost-effective transfer ribbons in its league and low overall maintenance expenditure.

Of course, nothing beats trialling the machine in situ.  You should insist on a free demonstration before committing to any machine and this should help crystallise your decision-making process.  But being armed with some of the above information may help you to decide which slide printer would best suit your particular lab life needs and, ultimately, help you to run the most efficient laboratory.