Innovation and Product Development

Innovation and Product Development


At Solmedia, our passion for helping labs improve performance, efficiency and results drives our motivation to continuously analyse our product range and further develop products and solutions that can have a positive impact on our customers.

Over 90 years, we have built a strong network of partners from around the world, creating a stable supply chain that allows us to consistently deliver quality and enables us to be proactive and flexible, responding positively to any influencing factors that may cause a change in demand or supply, ensuring our customers are not affected and quality is never compromised.

Every product that makes up our extensive portfolio has undergone thorough quality checks throughout its entire journey before it reaches our customers. Starting with detailed product and manufacturing evaluation during our research and development process, analysing performance and quality against competitors in the market, followed by further quality control processes that include checking the quality following delivery through to the final checks and testing before it is sent to the customers, ensuring what we provide our customers is the best products available.


As the industry grows and develops, so do our products. Through continuous research and development, we work closely with our partners and manufacturers to design, create and develop products based on customer feedback and industry knowledge, innovating new and existing products to meet laboratory needs and standards.

Our customers are at the forefront of our business and their feedback is important to us. As the end users of our products, it is essential that our customers are satisfied with the quality and performance of our equipment. We are continuously learning valuable knowledge about the application of our products and the constant adaptation of processes within the lab through our customers and research, ensuring there is longevity within our products. We are enthusiastic about providing solutions to laboratories that are more ergonomic, endorse efficiency and remain cost-effective.