Meet The Team – Ian & Tori

Ian & Tori, Marketing Team

We asked our marketing team some questions to give you an insight into who Ian & Tori are but, this “meet the team” has a twist. We got them to answer for the other person… This will be interesting 


Who is Ian & Tori? 

 Ian Said… 

Victoria is a super positive hardworking individual and I couldn’t ask for a better work colleague, absolutely useless at reaching anything from any shelf but makes up for it by always making work a fun place to be. 

 Tori Said… 

Ian is someone you will never forget, should you be lucky to meet him and it is for all the right reasons. He is the heart and soul of the party, you may never get a word in edgeways, however his charming Welsh accent and charismatic personality will assure you that your day will be filled with fun and laughter. He is an enthusiastic marketeer with an incredibly creative mind that puts 1,001% into everything he does or creates. 


What is your Role at Solmedia? 

 Ian Said… 

Victoria is the Marketing Manager at Solmedia, she is responsible for writing all of our content (except for this piece) and making sure everything goes to plan. Since joining she’s added so many new skills and is always bringing new ideas to the team.  

She also reminds me to take days off, which I ignore! 

 Tori Said… 

Ian is so much more than your typical Digital Marketing Manager, there is nothing he cannot do. He is responsible for the design and creation of our product catalogs, emails, social media and so much more! The way I describe it is, he makes everything look “pretty”. As well as being a whiz in Photoshop Ian also heads up our website management ensuring all of our products are up to date and our customer’s online journey is as seamless as possible. 


What do you enjoy most about working at Solmedia? 

 Ian Said… 

Besides working with me… Tori enjoys the constant learning and development that comes with working for a company that strives to evolve alongside an industry that is constantly developing, working with suppliers to deliver content that explains the benefits of new products and innovation. 

 Tori Said… 

Other than getting to work with me and seeing my face every day… surely that’s enough?  

Jokes aside, I know he enjoys having that teammate to bounce creative ideas around as well as working with a larger team to achieve bigger objectives. He thrives of growth and development, and watching the success of our marketing campaigns has a positive impact on the business as well as on our customers. His enthusiasm for the industry we work in and the products we promote really shines through in his work.  


What do you do outside of work? 

 Ian Said… 

I guess she is a food critic because if she is not busy eating it, she’s definitely taking pictures of it! She also spends her time supporting her partner who plays football. Although her hands will be tied soon with no more free time as she is now a soon-to-be mum. 

 Tori said… 

If he’s not ordering a takeaway and watching football or Marvel, then Ian will definitely be found doing some sort of DIY. Self-taught of course however he makes a good make-shift bob-the-builder. I told you, there is nothing Ian cannot do! 


A fun fact about Ian & Tori?  

We both applied for the same role at Solmedia and were up against each other in interviews until they opted to hire us both and bring us together as a team. Great decision in our opinion!