This year we will be working harder than ever before to ensure you have your orders for when you need them. At Solmedia, we are dedicated to helping our customers and understand the importance of reducing the risk of any downtime within the lab, especially over the Christmas period.
Therefore, we have created a reliable delivery process over the holidays and have reduced the number of days we are closed to ensure you are continuously supplied with the equipment needed to run your lab manually or remotely. 

See our Christmas operation times below, to get your orders before the festive break. 


Tuesday 22nd December  -  Normal despatches
(The last pallet freight despatches before Monday 4th January)
Wednesday 23rd December  -  Normal despatches
Thursday 24th December  -  No despatches
Friday 25th December  -  Closed
Saturday 26th December  -  Closed
Sunday 27th December  -  Closed
Monday 28th December  -  Closed 
Tuesday 29th December  -  Normal despatches
Wednesday 30th December  -  Normal despatches
Thursday 31st December  -  No despatches
Friday 1st January  -  Closed
Saturday 2nd January  -  Closed
Sunday 3rd January   -  Closed
Monday 4th January  -  Normal despatches 

  For more information or to discuss your orders, speak to our dedicated account managers on +44 (0) 844 8080 900 or email