Grossing Stations Designed for your Laboratory

Our Grossing Stations pay special attention to pathologists and technicians, enhancing anatomical pathology. Our range of workstations are designed to improve well-being, productivity, ergonomics and personal safety when examining and processing tissue samples for diagnosis. Pathology laboratories provide an environment that offers a high risk of contamination due to the constant use of formalin, a typified gas carcinogenic for years, seriously affecting the working surroundings and atmosphere. Our Grossing Stations successfully comply with the more demanding regulations on occupational health and environmental protection, ensuring your complete safety and comfortability during the gross dissection and initial examination of specimens.

Our portfolio from Anathomic Solutions includes the ET 101-1/2 Experience and ET 107-1 high-security grossing stations that offer a large service area for working, single or multiple users, height adjustability and customisation of features.



Both the ET 101-1/2 and ET 107-1 provide the highest level of security and safety features to protect their users. The 3-way aspiration from the lower, upper, and back area channels air effectively so that the user is safe from the inhalations of formaldehyde. The effective aspiration system is made up of compact electric fans, fitted with flow regulators that allow adaptation to the more extreme conditions. An intuitive touchscreen control panel allows you to control the aspiration, adjust the ventilation speed percentage, and control the bulk head to meet your personal needs.

Every workstation is also fitted with an emergency stop for optimum safety allowing you to stop all operations immediately. The emergency stop can be manually activated by the personnel when there is a spill of formalin (or any other chemical). The emergency stop will cause the splash shield on ET-107 to drop to maximum and on both the ET-107 and ET-101 the aspiration will be activated at 100%.


When we say our grossing stations are designed around you, we really mean it! Our entire range of grossing stations are completely customisable. This includes everything from the size of the units, the number of users it allows and the individual features you require allowing you to order the perfect Grossing Stations that will meet your needs.

Our Grossing Stations are unique to the user, which means the workstation will be manufactured to your specific dimensions, allowing for the perfect fit for your lab. We also offer an array of features that you can then customise your grossing station to provide the necessary tools required. This includes the option of installing the following: a macrophotography system, compact zoom, a basic photography system, a polyethylene cutting board, a self-cleaning system, support for computer equipment, a Dictaphone, a footswitch, waste shredder, hood and ergonomic seat.

Macroscopic Specimen Examination

To enable macro specimen documentation and document the gross appearance of the specimen before it undergoes further processing, a macro specimen camera is available. This can be integrated into the top of our grossing stations, above your grossing area, with the option of a blue polyethylene cutting board perfect for digital sample photography. The camera has 20 MP photo resolution with a 34x zoom which provides shade-free, high-quality detail images ideal for analysis on a screen. The photography system also includes barcode scanning for sample tracking and foot pedal control for easy management.


The Anathomic Solution’s Grossing Stations offer features that are exclusive to their range and are the only workstations on the market to have an Ozone Disinfection System and Biodegradable Filters.

The OZONIC WASH 4.0, which through the power of ozone eliminates pesticides, fungi, organic matter, pollutants, and viruses. In addition, it is 100% free of toxins, without adding contaminants to the water or the environment.

The biodegradable filters are exclusively manufactured by Anathomic Solution and made from the waste of corn so they are easy to biodegrade after use and filled with zeolite impregnated with Potassium Permanganate to clean exhaled particles into the environment. The expulsion of the air, after passing through the filters, can be carried out directly to the outside or through connection to the central ventilation system (in this case filters last 850h, otherwise, the half).


The ET 101-1/2 and ET 107-1 are designed to improve well-being and efficiency and therefore the ergonomics of the stations is of high importance. One feature that the grossing stations possess that successfully nurtures the user’s posture and improves comfortability is the electrical height adjustability. The height of the workstation can be easily adjusted with the touch of a button, moving higher or lower to meet your desired working height.

During the manufacturing of the grossing stations, the grossing process and the functionality of tools have been analysed in great detail to develop features that will improve efficiency and productivity. The simplest of features can have the biggest impact on a user’s comfort whilst working, they can simplify processes and they can improve performance. Features like this include an automatic formaldehyde dispenser that can be operated by a foot pedal and medical faucet (H/C water), alarms with system notification when filters need replacing and notifying formaldehyde tank levels, LED lighting that is adjustable and controlled by touchscreen panel, automatic splash shield and lateral windows with safety glass allow the entry of natural light. These are all available to the ET 101-1/2 and ET 107-1 models (with splash shield and lateral window) to improve your laboratory ergonomics.

The full package

At Solmedia we understand the importance of getting it right, the right equipment, the right fit, the right package. In addition to supplying equipment, we will support you throughout the entire journey, from coming out to visit your lab and measuring the required space to the aftercare of the equipment. We will work with you to create the best fit grossing station (or any complementary equipment for pathology anatomy: samples reception tables, ventilated cabinets…) or work with external parties during a completely new lab fit-out.  Our team of engineers will then install the grossing stations correctly and safely for immediate use. Our services don’t just stop at the installation, we also provide service and maintenance packages to ensure your station continues to perform to the highest standards. Thus, allowing you to optimise output, whilst preventing you from the loss of valuable time caused by damage or faults.


For more information about our Grossing Stations range and how they can improve your laboratory, productivity and quality of results speak to our team at or call +44 (0) 844 8080 900.