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AP Itineris Autoloader Cassette Printer

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Pedal Activated Hand Sanitiser Station

Proudly made in the UK, this stainless steel dispenser is fully mechanical, with a pedal mechanism that avoids hands making contact with the sanitiser bottle.

Wax Oven with Stainless Steel Chamber and Drip Tray 50L

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Cassette Hopper for AP Itineris Autoloader Cassette Printer

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DispoJar 3L Capped and Labelled

Dispojars are a safe and secure solution for the disposing of waste within a laboratory. Dispojars are transparent support waste categorising with a transparent appearance and manufactured in PET.

Syringe 100ml PP

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Microglass Unit, 14 drawer Slide Storage Cabinet

Table-top block storage cabinets with 14 drawers. Each drawer holds approx. 400 slides. Each unit accommodates approx.5,600 slides

External.dimensions: 485mm×480mm×91mm.

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