Downtime is the curse of the laboratory.  We want to help you minimise your downtime and have created a series of service packages to help.  Our Bronze, Silver and Gold agreements give you complete peace of mind, knowing that the equipment you buy from us will be maintained and repaired right up to the point where it needs to be renewed.

The key to our service is to tailor our support to cover the specific machines you have purchased through us and ensure that they continue to give reliable service throughout their lifetime.  At every level, we offer an annual service and remote technical support – and we are flexible too about the length of time you engage with us, offering 1, 3 and 5 year options.  Our silver service also offers interim updates and breakdown call-outs and with the gold, you also benefit from free maintenance parts.

We have a full service department, able to service and repair our machines with an expert attention to detail.  As a laboratory with a service contract, you will be first in line to benefit from their expertise when needed.  The aim is to make sure your equipment continues to give you reliable service for many years to come, which is part of our commitment to helping you run the most efficient laboratory.


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