Equipment+ is a revolutionary new programme that is unique to Solmedia Ltd. This programme is designed to help get vital equipment into laboratories, by removing the large equipment costs and agreeing to a fixed-time standing order of a minimum quantity of selected products each month. 

 An insight into the growing demand for increased productivity led us to create this programme that will form bespoke partnerships with our customers. By providing quality products and maintenance services to your lab through Equipment+ it will enable you to achieve the best results, without any additional financial restraints. 


Microtome Edition 

 During this 36-month contract, you will be supplied with a minimum order of 25 packs of our SLEE Plasma Microtome Blades. By agreeing to this minimum order at our standard blade price, Solmedia will provide you with a fully maintained rotary microtome of your choice at no extra charge. This will be installed and available to use in your lab for the entire duration of the agreement.  

 Equipment plus, not only provides your lab with a continuous supply of quality microtome blades, it also grants you full access to a market-leading microtome. Our CUT Series Microtomes are available with either; manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic functionality for you to choose from. 

  •  3-year standing order of microtome blades agreement. 
  • Guaranteed UK stock for on time delivery. 
  • Japanese blades with plasma technology. 
  • Choose from any of our UK exclusive CUT Series Precision Rotary Microtome. 
  • Nothing to pay for the microtome. 
  • Somledia’s 3-year gold service package included. 




01.  Is the programme right for your lab?  

We advise starting this programme with a consultation meeting with a member of Solmedia. We have a dedicated team who will talk you through the programme in detail, introduce the products to you and answer any of your questions. Here we will discuss all of your requirements to make sure that we provide you with the correct microtome and blades for your lab.  

This is a partnership, so we want to make sure you are happy with all the terms and conditions of the programme as well as the products available, before you join.  

02. The dotted line  

Once both parties are happy, you will be asked to join the equipment plus programme. This will involve signing a 3-year contract for the standing order of the minimum quantity of 25 packs per month, of our SLEE Plasma Microtome Blades. This will also include signing and agreeing to the terms and conditions of use, of the selected CUT Series Microtome.  


03. Delivery and installation  

Once your programme has been set up, we will deliver your selected packs of microtome blades and cut series microtome to your laboratory. Your microtome blades are stocked in our UK warehouse to ensure on-time delivery every month.  

Solmedia will deliver your cut series microtome to your lab and our technical team will be there to provide a full set up and installation, to ensure you are up and running as soon possible and correctly.  


04. Servicing and training top ups  

As part of the equipment plus programme you will receive 3 years of the Solmedia gold service package. This includes an annual service of the microtome carried out by a Solmedia service manager.  

It is vital that the equipment is always used safely within the lab, therefore we provide top up training sessions on to ensure all members of the team are up to speed on how to get the best use out of your equipment, correctly.  

Lastly, you will be provided with a dedicated account manager who will be available throughout the duration to assist you wherever they can.


05. All good things must come to an end… Or do they?  

After a long blissful 3-years of using high quality plasma microtome blades and producing superior specimen sections with our cut series microtome, sadly your contract will end. However, you are not obligated to return the microtome. At the end of your contract, you will be provided with the opportunity to purchase the microtome for 10% of the original value of the microtome or you have the option to renew for an additional 3 years  

Should you decide you do not want to keep the microtome, Solmedia will come to collect and remove the microtome from your laboratory for no extra cost after carrying out sufficient checks. If you remain happy with the quality of the blades you will also be offered the opportunity to renew your standing order.



 Book a consultation with our dedicated account managers to discuss all of your requirements, and we will make sure to provide you with the best programme and the right equipment for you. 


contact us to discuss which of our PRECISION MICROTOMEs is best for you. 

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