Embedding Centres – Ergonomically designed with users in mind VOL. 2

Our Embedding Centre range has received a lot of praise from our customers since its launch to the UK market in 2020 for its ergonomic design and features.

Slee, our German manufacturing partner in histology equipment, spend a lot of time researching and developing the specifications of their equipment before manufacturing. This involves evaluating comfortability and user satisfaction in conjunction with assessing speed, technical functionality and the overall quality of output. This means that even the smaller, finer details of their equipment have a big impact on the end user.

Let’s dive deeper into some of the features of the Embedding Centres, that may go unrecognised until you are actually sat using the machine. These features are unique to SLEE and set the MPS range high above the other embedding centres available in the market and can make a big difference to your own personal experience:

Moveable Magnifying Glass Attached

On both our MPS P1 Compact & P2 Modular Embedding Centres there is an attached magnifying glass that has a flexible stem that allows you to move it to the necessary angle to see and place the sample with ease.


Attached Heated Forceps

For easy accessibility and space-saving within the lab, SLEE have ergonomically designed both their Embedding Centre models with the ability to attach electrically heated forceps to the front of the embedding centre. This means they are easy to hand, run by the embedding centre itself and reduce the amount of equipment on the worktop.

Detachable, Movable, Magnetic Forceps Holder

A simple, but clever design from SLEE is the ability to move the magnetic forceps holder anywhere around the Embedding Centre. This ergonomic feature reduces the amount of over-stretching to the holder when the forceps are no longer in use and can conveniently place the holder near where you are working for quick accessibility allowing you to work more efficiently.

Ergonomic Insulated Wrist Rests

For optimal comfort whilst working, the MPS P1 and P2 Embedding Centres have wrist rests at the front of the machine. The wrist rests ergonomically provide support to the wrists and are insulated to slightly warm the muscles and joints in the wrist which are used excessively during embedding.

Highest Wax Capacity

The large-volume 5.5 Litre paraffin container on the MPS P2 Modular Embedding Centre and MPS P Paraffin Dispenser is one of the largest capacity paraffin containers available. Thus, allowing you to work more efficiently with fewer interruptions and continuous workflow.

Large Capacity Heated Cassette Tray

For increased output, both the MPS P1 and P2 Embedding Centre from SLEE have a high-capacity pre-warmer for moulds and a high-capacity removable cassette tray, allowing you to achieve a higher throughput.

MPS P1 Compact Embedding Centre:
Cassettes = up to 120
Embedding Moulds = up to 250

MPS P2 Modular Embedding Centre:
Cassettes = up to 320
Embedding Moulds = up to 500

For more information on our Embedding Centres or to request a demo speak to our team on +44 (0) 844 8080 900 or email labsupplies@solmedialtd.com