Embedding Centres – Ergonomically designed with users in mind 

Embedding Centres – Ergonomically designed with users in mind 

Embedding Centres, fundamentally responsible for the preparation of specimen samples before they are cut and sectioned for further research. In comparison to other pieces of equipment used during tissue processing, embedding centres require a lot more manpower. It is vital that manufacturers portray a deep understanding of how the machines can be operated differently by multiple users when designing their equipment. This involves evaluating comfortability and user satisfaction in conjunction with assessing speed, technical functionality and the overall quality of output.

Efficient ergonomic designs and streamlined work practices have proven to reduce occupational injuries, stress and fatigue in addition to improving processes and productivity. Laboratory Managers, medical scientists and researchers are at risk of developing cumulative trauma injuries due to the repetitiveness of pipetting, using small hand-held tools, opening and closing vial caps, prolonged awkward postures at pieces of equipment and a variety of other laboratory tasks.

This is why Solmedia partnered up with SLEE medical GmbH, who are made up of a team of industry experts and engineers. Their ethos is to produce the highest-quality equipment that improves efficiency within laboratories, whilst maintaining the best comfort for the end-user. The team at SLEE dedicate a lot of time and research to understanding user requirements to design equipment that will speed up processes whilst enhancing the ergonomics of traditional machines to be the most user friendly as possible.


What makes the embedding centres ergonomic? 

The ergonomics of the SLEE embedding centres are unparalleled. The MPS/P2 Embedding Centre is built up of 3 pieces of high-quality equipment; a wax dispensing unit, a cassette and mould pre-warmer and a cooling plate, that can all be used separately from one another. This enables you to place each module in different locations, according to your laboratory requirements and it will still remain fully functioning. This also includes the cooling plate that is available in an extra-large size for optimum output and operates at a competitive temperature of -15°C, without the need to be attached to the central machine. The independence of each machine also means that the entire process is not affected by any faults caused to one machine, thus reducing downtime and making it more cost-effective for the laboratory when it comes to purchasing any replacements.

SLEE thoughtfully designed all 3 modules to operate from the same height level to provide better comfort for users, especially when all 3 components are placed side-by-side.  Not only does this enable smooth transitions from one module to another, but it also allows users to retain a better posture, and creates easier movements when they are accessing the machine at the same level. A foot pedal is also installed to grant the freedom of your hands to do other tasks, whilst controlling the wax dispenser with your foot. Safety features are also paramount and contribute to the centre’s ergonomic success, providing a spacious wax disposal tray that prevents any injuries or burns from the melted paraffin. Adjustable LED lighting additionally provides better comfort with a quick change of brightness and position according to your eyes.

SLEE’s embedding centres are unmatched within the market, showcasing features that competitors have not yet challenged. For example: accommodation for plug-in electric forceps is located at the front of the machine. A high-capacity wax dispenser, as standard, that can hold up to 5.5 litres of paraffin wax, the highest capacity on the market, and enables continuous workflow. In addition, SLEE has installed a traditional manual lever as an alternative to the ergonomic foot pedal, that uniquely dispenses wax in any direction. This caters to the user’s preferred location of their hand and cassette when dispensing as the lever can be activated in either a left, right, forward or backwards position. Lastly, making the Embedding Centre universal to all laboratories, SLEE’s centre also offers one of the largest surfaces available, cooling up to 120 cassettes or facilitating Mega Cassettes with ease.

Ergonomics is the science of adapting the work environment to fit employees so that work is safer and more efficient. Successfully proving that; the Embedding Centres are built with comfort and the MPS/P1 and MPS/P2 have modestly excelled on efficiency. With programmable working dates, days and hours the instrument allows you to programme the heating of the wax or the warming of cassettes prior to the start of your day. This not only avoids unnecessary downtime within the laboratory, it also allows for increased productivity and improved time management.

Why is ergonomics within a laboratory even more important now? 

The Department of Health and Social Care are still tackling a backlog of treatment and research due to COVID-19, consequently putting pressure on the staff and resources in order to meet targets. Histopathologists and other laboratory staff are reportedly experiencing the effects of the increased workload and are exploring ways to improve processes and speed up results, without jeopardising quality. This can be achieved through automation, organisation and motivation within the workplace. Having ergonomic equipment in your laboratory that provides the best comfort and efficiency will also inevitably improve results and developments in science and help contribute towards boosting career satisfaction.

To find out more information about our MPS/P1 and MPS/P2 Embedding Centres or to learn more about our full range of ergonomic SLEE equipment; speak to our team at +44 (0) 844 8080 900 or email labsupplies@solmedialtd.com.