Many pathologists have adopted the technique of using embedding beads to organise and label individual’s work. At Solmedia we supply alphabetical, numerical and up 32 different coloured embedding beads, thus allowing you to organise the tests of big or small teams. This makes the auditing process a lot easier, as well as manages the progress of an individual’s research.

Improve the efficiency of handovers and revisiting older blocks for analysis, by using our embedding beads to identify who originally embedded the block, no matter the length of time.

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Our coloured beads are cylindrical in shape and available in 32 different colours and 2 sizes from 5mm to 2.6mm. Both sizes are supplied in packs of 1,000. Our coloured beads are made from a soft material to prevent getting caught and blunting the blade during the cutting process.


Our numeric beads range from 0 – 9, perfect for small teams within a laboratory or monitoring work orientation. All numbers are supplied in bags of 100.



We supply all the letters in the alphabet from A-Z which helps organise the work of bigger teams. These beads are round in shape and durable throughout processing. All letters are supplied in bags of 100. . 


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