Cromatec – Linear Automatic Slide Stainer

Cromatec is a revolutionary slide Stainer from German engineers and histology equipment specialists SLEE Medical GmbH, providing the highest, most competitive throughput of slides in routine staining.

The Cromatec stainer offers a host of unique and competitive features that not only improve the quality of your slide staining but also make staining protocols simple and easier to manage. The high-capacity, automatic stainer offers a 20-basket capacity, that holds 30 slides, enabling you to process up to 600 slides simultaneously.

The Cromatec stainer enters the market with a storm, making sure its uniqueness is profound and setting itself high above its competitor stainers. Here are some of the ways the Cromatec excels at meeting high demands whilst achieving consistent staining throughout and some of the many reasons why it should be in every histology and cytology laboratory.

Continuous Loading

The SLEE Stainer does the work for you. Using the loading station, baskets are automatically taken out of the loading station when the Cromatec is ready to process the next staining step. The continuous automatic flow means you are able to process a high volume of slides without manual interference.

Easy Unloading

A unique special lifter provides easy auto unloading of 3 slide baskets. This also enables the stainer to continuously operate, and achieve maximum throughput of up to 1,800 slides per hour. The removed baskets can be temporarily stored in the transport container.

Reagent Management System

The innovative Reagent Management System, which is also user-friendly, allows you to individually programme time settings for each station and schedule the exact timing of changing the reagents for maximum flexibility. This diminishes the risk of human error affecting the quality of staining results and ensures reproducible, high-quality staining run by run.

Process monitoring

Interruptions in the staining process can lead to poor-quality results or loss of specimen and consequently lead to high manual reworking efforts to rectify. Therefore, all staining steps and their individual run time are clearly visible and under control; at any time, to better manage workflow.

To meet the requirements of modern labs, Cromatec allows for real-time monitoring via an app that is available on both iOS and Android. Thus, enabling you to stay connected remotely; managing and monitoring the staining process from your phone or tablet.

Customised Protocols

The intuitive control screen allows for 20 user-defined logs to be saved under individual names. The Cromatec Stainer enables the user to define the process time for each single step, with the capacity of up to 20 programmes with up to 20 steps each.

Under control

Cromatec offers a 7” touch and colour display for real-time process monitoring as well as fast and direct interaction with the device. The screen provides clear visibility and is designed for easy and effective parameter settings that are also multilingual to cater to all users.

Cuvette arrangement

Filling the reagents or cleaning the cuvettes is made easy with simple removal. The Cromatec includes up to 6 washing cuvettes that can be freely positioned or used as additional staining, with a controlled fresh water supply.


In case of a power failure, the Cromatec possess an integrated uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that processes the staining for up to 4 hours and finishes the protocols safely.  If there are any power failures these are displayed on the screen or a notification is shown on the app.

Further safety features include an integrated carbon filter that cleans the exhaust air quietly to avoid any noise disturbance.

Fits all labs

Cromatec has a compact and space-saving design so that that is can easily be integrated into your lab. The slide baskets included can also be processed directly in all SLEE Coverslipper for improved ergonomics and efficiency. However, if a different coverslipper is used, we also provide adapters for using the baskets in the Cromatec product line for complete flexibility.

Try for yourself

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