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Saniwell Disinfectant Footbath (150 x 90 cms)

Don’t forget your feet! Perfect to maintain sanitary conditions in laboratories and other work locations; the deep ‘well’ holds liquid disinfectant.  Recommended for use with V2 antiviral disinfectant.

Pedal Activated Hand Sanitiser Station

Proudly made in the UK, this stainless steel dispenser is fully mechanical, with a pedal mechanism that avoids hands making contact with the sanitiser bottle.

Wax Oven with Stainless Steel Chamber and Drip Tray 50L

SKU: SSJEL102 Category:

Microglass Unit, 14 drawer Slide Storage Cabinet

Table-top block storage cabinets with 14 drawers. Each drawer holds approx. 400 slides. Each unit accommodates approx.5,600 slides

External.dimensions: 485mm×480mm×91mm.

Coloured Slide Tray, 20 slide BLUE

Syringe 100ml PP

SKU: SYP100-T Categories: , Tag:

Paraplast Standard Wax

Our Agreement With You

You will have a dedicated member of the team with whom to talk.

We will be reactive, in most cases supplying lab items over night.

We will work with you to find the tailored options you need for your lab in both the short and long term

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Our Vision

Solmedia Limited helps you to run the most efficient laboratory by supplying you with the best equipment and consumables. Through our culture of continuous improvement and friendly support, we will continue to identify the changing demands of your laboratory. Our staff work with efficiency, purpose and 100% commitment in order to fulfil expectations with integrity, enthusiasm and intelligence. Our business relationships will be honest, loyal and reliable and we will always strive to provide the best possible service to our customers and suppliers.

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