As the media obsesses with the translation of the government’s guidelines into tangible steps to get people back to work, most pathology labs are taking a more pragmatic and constructive view by simply getting on with it.

It’s very often the most straight-forward measures that can play a part.  Creating independent work stations with space around them allows for social distancing.  This might mean sourcing the kind of equipment that can be used independently, such as these Vortex Mixers. Some labs have also installed social distancing mats or Perspex screens (which we are also able to supply) as an additional reminder.  Where space is at a premium, shift patterns have been introduced to stagger the working day – which has the added benefit of minimising transport congestion or peak-hours on potentially crowded public transport.

PPE is also key.  What has previously been the uniform of the theatre is rapidly becoming the uniform of everyday life, with gloves, aprons and visors becoming a necessity in the laboratory setting.  There may also be merit in investing in an infrared thermometer, in order to keep pace with staff welfare and minimise opportunities for virus spread.

Labs have always been acutely conscious of hygiene which puts them amongst the most prepared workplaces in the country.  However, many have found it useful to take extra precautions at this time by ensuring they have the correct anti-viral disinfectants or disposal containers.

Whatever your need at this time, the chances are that we can help.  Because we have been working with our partners to prepare for the return to work, we are in a good position to be able to help with any queries or questions you may have.  In this and many other ways, we are here to help you to run the most efficient lab.

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