Be prepared for the second wave.

If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it would be to keep safe. After last nights’ new regulation announcement, made by the government; we go into the next week adjusting to new rules and new ways of living.  

For office workers; that means going back to working from home where possible, bars and restaurants will now have a curfew of 10 pm and restricted to table service only. However, the new regulations about mask-wearing, will change the way a lot of us work.  

As of Thursday 24th September, all bar staff, waiters, retail workers and non-seated customers must now wear a mask at all times indoors. For those who do not comply and do not wear a mask, they will be faced with a £200 fine for the first offence.  

Solmedia Ltd have carried out in-depth research into the correct equipment needed to keep you, your team and customers safe. To ensure that you and your business are equipped with enough masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep everyone safe, we have put together a range of carefully selected products ready for you to order. 

We pride ourselves on our flexible delivery times, which means you can have enough protective equipment for your business as soon as possible to avoid any penalties and most of all to maintain a safe environment. 

Products include surgical 3-ply face masks, disposable face masks, anti-viral spray and XtraSAN surface sanitiser, anti-bacterial hand gel, full-face visors and much more. 

We also have products available that support social distancing and will help you provide safe spaces with distancing mats.  

To speak to our team about how we can help your business comply to the new rules and to find out more information about our PPE range, call us on +44 (0)844 8080 900 or email us at