A revolutionary new ergonomic worktable for laboratories

In partnership with German Histology equipment specialists SLEE medical GmbH, we proudly launched an innovative new worktable for labs at the IBMS Congress last month. The table is unique to the laboratory industry, designed to improve comfort and workflow with its advanced ergonomic features. Combining an electronically adjustable base with an integrated histology specific equipment worktop, it is understandable why it was one of the standout products of the entire event.
The SLEE ergonomic worktable aptly named the “Ergotec” directly addresses a number of highly talked about topics within the workplace environment such as repetitive strain injury (RSI), shared workstations, disability access and specialist equipment to increase user output.


The Ergotec will revolutionise the way professionals work within the lab, prioritising comfort and ergonomics that will later influence productivity and efficiency. The worktable endorses the way we perceive our own physical wellbeing, nurturing the needs of the user to create a continuous positive experience when at work. Installing this new kind of worktable in your lab can avoid premature fatigue, and joint and back pain whilst working which prevents long-term injuries and retains work/employee satisfaction.
Physiotherapists and occupational physicians increasingly attach great importance to the ergonomic design of workplaces, in particular the height adjustment of working desks. The Ergotec’s adjustable height makes it easy to switch between sitting and standing with just a touch of a button.
Its height capacity can range between 66cm to 110cm, optimizing the height for users of all sizes to work whilst standing. A recent study published by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that the use of sit-stand desks can reduce upper back and neck pain by 54% after just 4 weeks.
The table provides the option to electronically save and recall up to 4 different table heights allowing for quick transitions from one user to another, avoiding any time delay and enabling shared working.

Now the customisation is where the real fun begins!

SLEE demonstrates a great understanding of the uniqueness of labs and empathises that every user has their own personal preferences. This is where Ergotec can cater to your exact needs. Not only can the measurement of the table be made to your size requirements, but the additional options are also at are your discretion.
For all pathology professionals, the Ergotec can be supplied with a built-in cable channel that keeps cables neat and clean, and the appropriate switches, sockets and USB ports set into the worktable in locations of your choice. A lockable drawer can be placed under the table to keep smaller parts stored safely, ensuring everything is within reach and can be accessed quickly. Lastly, an optional overhead LED lighting can be fitted for a perfectly illuminated workplace at all times. These lights installed support fatigue-free work through optimally coordinated LUX strengths.

A lab worktable made for labs

Designed and built by an established pathology equipment manufacturer assures that the Ergotec is designed specifically for labs. SLEE have analysed the movement of pathologists and evaluated the ergonomics of working at traditional workbenches to create the perfect solutions within this innovative worktable.
Unique to the Ergotec, a Water Bath and Cooling Plate can be integrated into the tabletop in any desired location for quick access and comfortable transitioning between processes. The instruments are embedded into the table, keeping all surfaces flat for easy placement and retrieval of sections from the water bath and an effortless transition of blocks between the microtome and cooling plate.
The Ergotec will exceed your expectations, manufactured only from high-and engineered to directly address many issues in the lab. It is unrivalled in the lab market and far superior to standard adjustable desks made for the office space that aren’t suitable for the vital vibration-free microtomy. The Ergotec’s stability is unparalleled, with a maximum weight load of 400kg this robust worktable allows you to operate automatic microtomes and other fast speed machines without any vibration or movement. This enables continuous working without re-adjustment of settings or positioning and produces consistent, high-quality results.

Efficiency and productivity

The hybrid nature of the Ergotec is what separates this table from any other worktable available. The Ergotec is not another worktable made by workplace companies or a desk or workbench that just accommodates equipment use. The Ergotec is first of its class, designed and created by industry experts, who understand the real needs of pathologists. Combining the solutions for improved health and safety, space-saving, physical and mental wellbeing, and productivity and efficiency, the Ergotec is a complete solution package for all laboratories.

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